Can printable vinyl get wet?

Yes, Printable vinyl can get wet. It works best with a laminate of course, but our ProPrint 501C has a solvent based adhesive so will perform very well in wet conditions.

Can printable vinyl be washed?

Yes, printable vinyl can be washed. When using a pressure washer, make sure to not target the edges as that can cause lifting and ruin your print in the long run.

Can printable vinyl be used on cars?

Absolutely it can be used on cars! For best results with our ProPrint 501C and 201C, try to use on the flatter surfaces of the doors, windows, hoods, trunks and bumpers. Another thing to consider is to laminate the print for even longer life and UV resistance.

What printers can be used with printable vinyl?

Our ProPrint 501C and 201C vinyls will print well with Latex, Solvent, Eco-Solvent, UV Curable. Compatible printers would be Roland, Mimaki, Mutoh, and HP Latex.

Where can the Oralite V98 prismatic reflective be used?

It is ideal for utility vehicles that require increased visibility such as telecom, DOT, fire, EMS, and police vehicles. Further info can be found here https://www.orafol.com/products/europe/en/technical-data-sheet/oralite-v98-conformable-graphic-sheeting-5359-technical-data-sheet-europe-en.pdf

Does ORALITE® V98 Conformable Graphic Reflective Sheeting need to be edge sealed?

The material does not need to be edge sealed as it is not a open cell structure material!

Where to buy conspicuity tape?

Buy it right here on signproducts-usa.com ! 

Where to use conspicuity tape?

It is ideal for trucks, trailers, tankers, dump trucks, tow trucks and pick-up beds.